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Sep 1, 2010 7:30pm PDT
on a child issue and including the children in the thinking and planning, and mr. albert, you said in comments about pedestrians, that we are adults and remember that some of us are not adults and we are going through different stages of development and have our own challenges and needs. >> when i said that, that's why we set an example, and we model the behavior. when we jump out in front of the car, and bridget reminds me and it's a red light and don't cross. and i am thinking, that's how i raised my chidz -- kids in the city and i told them you stop on red. and the pedestrians are the most vulnerable of the modes and who are more vulerinable are the children and seniors. >> and one element of this picture of creating a good environment for pedestrians and transits is bus stops. and that's it's vital part of the planning process. and from my old days at muni and we placed bus stops through the neighborhood arbitrarily based on criteria that no one understands but to get a bus stop to change or relocate, these are all challenges. and as hope as this process goes forward and look
Sep 27, 2010 5:00pm PDT
: james fang and albert hill care, although mr. fang hopes they don't care that he is a republican. in this age of extreme partisan politics, mr. fang really is an oddity. he says democrats ask him all the time if he will change parties and run but he says he is loyal and he is going to stay republican. >> thank you. >>> now hiring, more than 1,000 positions available but nobody seems to want these jobs. and the government trying to stay connected. why it wants to make it easier to eavesdrop on your conversations. >> kind of tour around and stop at different points and have an appetizer as part of the golden gate bridge. >> and meals on the bus go round and round. the unique dining experience aboard a bay area bus. ,, [ female announcer ] jerry brown and oakland's schools. what were the facts? fact: march 7, 2000. brown asks voters for new mayoral power to appoint school board members. he gets it, and promises better schools. but the drop out rate increases 50%. the school budget goes into a 100 million dollar deficit. the schools become so bad the state has to take them over. it w
Sep 27, 2010 6:00pm PDT
but for the longest time, it's been held by people who no one really cares about. >> reporter: james fang and albert hill care, although mr. fang hopes they don't care that he is a republican. in san francisco, mike sugerman, cbs 5. >>> just over an hour ago, the governor and legislative leaders resumed closed door negotiations to work on ending that record long budget stalemate. last week leaders announced they had reached a framework for a potential solution. koula gianulias shows us the sticking points. >> reporter: california has been without a budget for a record 89 days and leaders at the capital still haven't declared a deal. sources say the proposal on the table include $7.5 billion in new cuts to state services. the plan is also counting on billions from the federal government that hasn't been secured and $1.4 billion extra revenue that came in above projections but it could take another week to seal the deal because the "big 5" is stuck on items like education reimbursement for schools in the state and negotiation with the state workers union. and the governor is demanding budget and pensi
Sep 22, 2010 6:30pm PDT
>> brave new world, the 20th century novelist albert huxley envisioned a future where everyone was kept happy and tranquil with a drug called soma. mr. huxley's brave new world is here, from ritalin to paxil to zoloft, people are taking mind-altering drugs in record volumes. not since the '60's have americans popped so many pills. have psycho pharmaceuticals turned us into a zombie nation? or should we just go with the flow and embrace the brave new world of mood control? we'll ask new york magazine journalist ariel levy and washington psychiatrist dr. brian doyle. >> a.d.m. the nature of what's to come. >> welcome. ariel levy, you authored a cover story for "new york magazine" which we see here "what are you on?" and you described new york today to -- you say sound the alarm, there is a new drug epidemic in town and most of the city wants in on it. in certain circles of new york, it is regular table conversation. we have entered the golden age of self-medication. drugs have become like hair products or cosmetics. this is brain styling, not mind altering, and you have a serious
Sep 27, 2010 6:00pm PDT
a legal setback in court today. attorneys seeking to halt the killing of albert brown asked a marin county superior court for a temporarily restraining order while the state can review the protocol. >> mr. brown cannot prove that -- [ inaudible ] >> the application for a temporary restraining order is defined. >> the department of california corrections did not follow the rules when they enacted these regulations. the court needs an opportunity to evaluate those very serious claims before we carry out executions. >> reporter: attorneys are appealing today's ruling to the state court of appeals. another appeal is pending in a federal 9th circuit court of appeals at san quentin prison, rob rocket, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> peninsula congresswoman jackie speier is proposing new rules tonight to protect people who live near transmission pipelines like the one that failed in san bruno. if enacted, the law would require new pipelines to be fitted with remote or automatic shutoff valves along with technology that can detect a corrosion. operators also would have two years to install shutoff valves
Sep 27, 2010 12:00pm PDT
, albert brown was given a choice of what kind of execution he wanted. one with one drug or one with three drugs. >> mr. brown doesn't have to -- he could have the one-drug lethal -- [ inaudible ] >> there's no authority for them to do that. >> reporter: barring last- minute appeals, alfred brown is scheduled to be executed at 12:00 a.m. wednesday porning. he was sentenced to death back in 1982 for the rape and murder of a riverside girl. according to the district attorney, brown pulled the girl in a drove and strangled her with his own shoelaces. and then brown tormented the girl's family during phone calls saying to them they would never see their daughter again. today -- >> mr. brown cannot prove that he will suffer pain if he's executeed under the current regulations and has not demonstrated he's likely to prevail. the temporary restraining order is denyied. >> reporter: she agreed with the legal challenge that claimed the procedure for a three-drug cocktail aimed at killing the condemned but not clear, and that the recordkeeping was bad judge fogel actually rifted his own stay. he's a
Sep 28, 2010 4:30am PDT
to reconsider his ruling giving albert brown a choice between a one-drug or three-drug lethal injection. that places undo burden on mr. brown. also the execution of brown convicted of kidnapping and raping a 15-year-old girl back in 1980, it's being delayed by governor schwarzenegger so the appeal can be heard. one of those appeals was heard yesterday in marin county. >> he is going to be excused for protocol not properly enacted. >> brown cannot prove that he will suffer pain if he's executed under the current regulations and not demonstrated that. the reason for the application for a temporary restraining order is denied. >> that was the scene in marin county superior court, a motion for temporary restraining order denied. but the appeal to 9th circuit court of appeals continues and it also continues to the state supreme court so you have the appeal process going on and all this is a backdrop of a 9 p.m. execution for albert brown and the drug needed to kill him with an expiration date of three hours later. terry mcsweeney, abc 7 news. >> terry, thank you. there could be an even great
Sep 28, 2010 7:00pm PDT
and millionaires who actually have done pretty well our last few years. >> mr. brown, governor schwarzenegger has issued a reprieve for albert brown scheduled to be executed for a murder he committed in 1980. my question is, do you think the process for the death penalty appeals is too lengthy, too involved and if so, what should be done about it? >> it's certainly too lengthy and by the way it's gotten longer during each governor's term after i left. now it takes five years before you get a transcript up to the supreme court for the initial review. i want to say in this respect, the death penalty is a serious issue. i expressed my own preference, that i'd rather have a society where we didn't have to use death as a punishment. that view yand preference is overruled by the legislature and the people in an initiative ballot measure that passed. so we have it. eve got to make it work. as attorney general i've defended, literally, hundreds and hundreds of death penalty convictions. but, as you say, this thing goes on and on forever. you've got to appoint the lawyers you've got to appoint the investi
Sep 9, 2010 10:00pm EDT
measures. >> yeah. mr. davidson did not win his party's nomination. >> i'm shocked, especially after he invoked albert einstein, the best part. >> and misquoted his favorite quote in the spoken word. my favorite is when he -- drastic measures -- yes, who said that? >> hey, you're pretty good. >> i'm trying. >> you could be treasurer of stark county. >> we're hoping. >>> up next, we'll update you on breaking news we're following in san francisco. a fire that appears to be doing serious damage. >>> take a look. live pictures, intense fire burning in san bruno, california, not far from the san francisco international airport. officials say it is possibly a gas line fire. frankly, they're not exactly sure. clearly there's a source at at center of the screen that you see for those incredibly high flames. about a dozen homes are engulfed by the flames at this point. kelly huston of the california emergency management telling us moments ago there are some reports of injuries and walking wounded. he said a local hospital, kaiser-permanente san francisco telling us they have received three peopl
Sep 9, 2010 9:00am EDT
with disabilities at 800-974-6006 tty/v. [ mr. donovan ] fios is made for families like ours. >>> redskins are gearing up for their home opener against the cowboys. boo. >> sunday night. >> but still the talk centers around albert haynesworth. enough already. there are widespread rumors he is on the trading block with the titans. head coachmike shanahan is crystal clear about his status for game one. >> albert will be with our team on sunday. >> mike, you just stated that albert will be with the team on sunday -- >> i just thought i would help you. i know you have a job to do. we'll just leave it at that. >> if somebody called you right now and had something to talk about, you won't listen to that. >> i guess he didn't hear what i said. i said what? >> you said he would be with the team on sunday. nothing will change that. >> you guys are tough. >> i want to make sure i got it right, mike? >> well you never know. if he wasn't here, i think you could call me a liar, wouldn't you. and you'd have the right to do that. >> well here is some welcome news for fans. mcnabb will start sunday's name
Sep 24, 2010 6:00pm EDT
nonetheless for them. >> a couple more redskins notes according to mike shanahan. albert haynesworth is fine. remember that he had sprained ankle last week but he won't reveal what plans if any he has for usinglbert on sunday. being very coy about that. also, mull mr. reports say the skin will activate ryan from the practice squad and release the receiver brandon banks. do you remember who he is? the little guy during preseason who returned that punt. he is wayown on the depth chart. not playing much. >> he was exciting on that day. it doesn't mean if they relee him, they can't bring him back. down a level. 2-1 maryland hosting 0-2 ryland. a winnable game but the terps going in banged up. out for the season with a knee injury. if terps hoping to rebound after taking a beang. maryland was trailing 28-0 at one point in the third quarter. west virgin is one of the top team in the country. they've been beaten by inferior teams before so he is hoping to play against the team, the caliber of west virginia will have his guys ready to go. >> hopefully we can take our experiences from this game and h
Sep 17, 2010 7:00am EDT
for the friday football forecast. dave, we should mention was right next to mr. portis when his mouth was being taped shut which leads me to aqua did you say to the guy that made him clam up. >> i said absolutely nothing. i was standing next to him and albert haynesworth. that is uncomfortable. is a bill fellow. this is the rob with the locker room. you try to lean around one guy to get to the next guy, i'm standing in albert haynesworth's locker. is a big dude. so he can easily move you out or me out. >> if he wanted to. if it didn't tire him out too much. >> it gets into the whole question of should reporters even be in the locker room. forget male, female or whatever. it is an interesting question. there are uncomfortable situations that happen every day in a locker room. >> but there is also play ares like clinton portis that appreciate the attention sometimes and he wouldn't have taped his mouth should if he didn't know the cameras there were. >> it is funny because we talked about clinton when you and i discussed this. he had a really quie
Search Results 0 to 14 of about 15 (some duplicates have been removed)